English Vietnamese Interpreters at exhibitions

English Vietnamese Interpreters at exhibition

We provide English Vietnamese interpreters /translators at exhibitions in Ho Chi Minh City.

If your company is going to participate an exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City and looking for an experienced Vietnamese interpreter, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.

Our Interpreters have more than 3 years of interpreting experience at the exhibitions as well as business meetings, and have been interpreting for many other international companies joining the exhibitions, thus we will make sure to assist you well during your trip in Ho Chi Minh. At Saigon Interpreteres, we guarantee:

  • Our Vietnamese interpreters have perfect command of the source and target languages, helping you to erase language barriers with the local people.
  • Our interpreters are well- presented, professional, punctual,and well- acquainted with your company products and services.
  • Our interpreters will help you not only in linguistic supports, but also attract new customers and your target audiences.
  • We provide you our best interpreters in Ho Chi Minh City at very reasonable budget.
  • Beside English Vietnamese interpreters, we also offer English Chinese Vietnamese interpreters at the exhibitions to meet requirements of our Chinese/ Taiwanese Clients.
Vietnamese interpreters at exhibition

Vietnamese Interpreters At Exhibition

If you are looking for a qualified exhibition interpreter with years of experience in Ho Chi Minh City or you have any special requests, please make thinks easy for yourself by contacting our Saigon interpreters Team at:

Email: saigon.interpreters@gmail.com
Phone: +84 98 396 72 82 /  +84 356 157 242


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