Chinese Mandarin Tutors for kids in Ho Chi Minh

Chinese Mandarin Tutors for kids in Ho Chi Minh

We offer native Chinese Mandarin tutors for kids at all ages in HCMC. We will help your kid learn Mandarin in the most lively and interesting ways so that he/she can learn fast and effectively.

Through our teaching experience with kids, we guarantee:
– Your kid will learn with our best Chinese native teachers in HCM.
– The teachers are from China and have at least 3 years of teaching experience for kids ( teaching at international school in HCM), speak English very fluently, very nice and friendly.
– Your kid will have all chances to practice 4 important skills, as well as get to know more about Chinese cultures, and Chinese people.
– Especially we try our best to help your kid be more confident when speaking Chinese, one of the beautiful language in the world.
– Our Chinese teacher will come to your required place to teach which will be more convenient for you.

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Therefore if you are looking a private Chinese tutor for your kid, either one on one, or group study, surely we will meet your requirements. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us any time by:
– Email:
– Phone: 0165 615 7242


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